Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you on the conditions in which your Personal Information is collected and processed on this website. This website is operated by SKAI Consultancy Ltd. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. You can be assured that your private data will be fully protected and used strictly for the purposes as set forth herein. Your personal details will not be disclosed nor will they be distributed to third parties, unless you decide to do so.

SKAI Consultancy Ltd is committed to providing a safe and secure user experience. Read on for detailed information on what kind of personal data we gather and save for particular services, why we do so and for what purposes we use your personal data.

Gathering and Saving Personal Data

Personal data is gathered, saved and used in a responsible manner. Your personal data will be used strictly for the purposes as set forth by the services you subscribed to.

Entry of Contact Data

All contact data is held and managed by our subscription provider, SKAI Consultancy Ltd, and users are free to unsubscribe at any point. SKAI Consultancy Ltd’s privacy policy is:

SKAI Consultancy Ltd operates a privacy policy in line with the European Union's 8th Data Protection Principle. This means that your data shall be:

What we do with Collected Data

As indicated above, we need to collect user information in order to deliver our services. Be assured that SKAI Consultancy Ltd only collects data that is absolutely necessary to provide the services requested by our users and that this data is used exclusively in connection with these services.

Right of Access to Personal Data

Upon request, SKAI Consultancy Ltd will - in compliance with legislation - inform users as to whether personal information is saved in the SKAI Consultancy Ltd database and, if so, what type of personal data is saved.

Data Security and Storage

SKAI Consultancy Ltd has implemented reasonable organizational and administrative security measure to protect Your Personal Information.

Questions About Our Privacy Statement.

If you have further questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us.